Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition
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About the Coalition

The Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition came together for the first time in May of 2007. The groups consist of representation from MD PIRG, Public Citizen, Beyond Nuclear, Sierra Club (MD), Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Green Party (MD), Clean Water Action and a few local anti-nuclear activists.

The coalition was formed to challenge and subsequently stop the proposed new reactor at Calvert Cliffs. We base our campaign on the following premises:

  1. The Chesapeake Bay is sick and the nuclear reactors that use the Bay for cooling purposes and routinely release pollutants into the air and water are contributors to the Bay’s worsening health.
  2. Demand for power can be met without nuclear and coal in favor of renewables and robust energy efficiency programs and standards.
  3. The proposed new reactor would be another “merchant” plant and therefore the power generated from the plant would be sold by Constellation on the energy market to the highest bidder, and likely would not be used in MD.
  4. Many unacceptable waste and security issues remain.
  5. Nuclear power is still not an economically viable source of energy. It is reliant on enormous subsidies, incentives, tax breaks, and loan guarantees without which they could not begin to contemplate a new reactor and which continue to drain resources away from the new innovative technologies.

Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility